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Product Design

Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping

Journey mapping is a brilliant way of envisioning processes that customers go through to reach their objectives.


Data Analytics
Customer Feedback
Retention Rates

Helps with:

Improving lead and client experience
Company Alignment
Developing new products and strategies
Client facilitating

Journey Mapping


First, define who the user is. Whose experience are we mapping out?

Spend 10 mins together:

What are the needs and goals?
What does the user struggle with the most?
List the tasks they have to complete.


Spend 10 mins together:

Define the goals and the outcomes the user wants to achieve.
What will they be able to do? What can they now avoid?
Has anything changed their experience?

Define the steps in the journey

Spend 5 mins together:

What are the steps that a user needs to take to complete the task/ reach their goal?
From discovery to referral, describe the steps taken.


Spend 20 mins together:

Describe what the customer needs and wants.
What is their context?

Needs and pain points

Spend 10 mins together:

Describe what the customer needs and wants.
(Reduce ambiguity by using the first person.)
I want to view case studies
I find it hard to navigate


Spend 5 mins together:

List everything and every one your user interacts with to achieve their goals.


Spend 10 mins together:

What are the general attitudes?
How does this make the user feel?
Gather feedback from surveys, tests, heatmaps etc.


Spend 20 mins together:

Brainstorm ideas.
What can we introduce to improve the experience?

Process ownership

Spend 10 mins together:

Who will be responsible for improving this part of the experience?
Who is the lead on this? What are the actions?

Customer Journey Map


A Collection of Pixels