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Photo of Nadia - Product Designer

Nadia K.
She / Her

Product Designer – London, UK

South African Flag  British

Solutions that are validated to lower commercial risk…

Hello. I am a Product Designer with over 17 years of experience developing products. I love creating experiences that people value, using a human-centred design approach. Designing solutions that are validated to lower commercial risk and deliver valuable results. Producing concise, creative and relevant designs. I have developed my career through Ogilvy Interactive, Sky Creative, Black Sun and Aqua Online in South Africa.

Having worked in agencies, in-house teams, and consultancy roles, I’ve had the privilege of crafting user-centric solutions that blend creativity with functionality, delivering measurable results and mitigating commercial risk. Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, I’ve called London home since 2007. My expertise spans centralised and decentralised design systems intricately woven into B2B and B2C applications. In the FinTech and Real Estate sectors, I’ve been crafting user-centric SaaS applications within agile teams, striving to marry innovation with practicality. I’m passionate about leveraging this extensive experience to drive impactful design solutions that resonate deeply with users and businesses.

Whether working as the founding product designer, leading a team of designers, or functioning as a squad member, I relish the challenges inherent in each role and thrive when solving complex problems and delivering comprehensive solutions that meet users’ needs—end-to-end.



I excel in stakeholder management and collaborating with engineering teams. Building strong stakeholder connections ensures design alignment while working closely with engineering fosters united efforts for innovative solutions.

I’m dedicated to encouraging cross-team collaboration to achieve impactful design outcomes.

What do I bring to the team?

I bring a unique mix of extensive experience and proven success in creating designs that genuinely resonate with users. My approach goes beyond just design; I’m adept at managing stakeholders and collaborating effectively with engineering teams. I’m passionate about encouraging cross-team cooperation and ensuring a unified effort towards crafting innovative solutions.

My dedication to problem-solving from start to finish and my ability to blend creativity with functionality make me an asset, offering comprehensive and user-centric design outcomes while nurturing collaborative relationships across the spectrum.

Free Time?

I enjoy diverse activities that recharge and inspire me in my free time. Exploring new cycling and hiking trails or simply being in nature is a favourite pastime, offering a refreshing break. Reading fuels my curiosity—I delve into various genres, absorbing new knowledge and escaping into captivating stories. Creativity is an outlet for me; I often indulge in painting or sketching, letting my imagination flow freely. Most importantly, I treasure moments with loved ones, whether trying new eateries, attending events, or engaging in heartfelt conversations. My free time combines outdoor adventures, intellectual stimulation, artistic expression, and meaningful connections.

Nadia Kellas - Cartoon


It is knowing when to say “no”. Being enthusiastic about new challenges can lead to spreading teams too thin. Equally, being overly cautious (research-heavy) can impede progress.

I’ve learned to prioritise effectively and manage workload boundaries.

Biggest Challenge?

One of the most challenging projects I encountered was when the CEO prioritised Subject Matter Experts over end users. The situation demanded a delicate balance between respecting the expertise of SMEs and advocating for user-centric solutions. I navigated this by engaging in extensive conversations, emphasising the importance of aligning the product with end-user needs.

It required a shift in perspective, highlighting the significance of user insights in driving product success.

Ultimately, this experience honed my ability to advocate for user-centric approaches, even in environments where priorities initially differed.

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