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Illustration of a girl with a post-it note stuck to her forehead.Product Design
February 21, 2024

Information Architecture

Flowcharts, sitemaps, wireframes, and prototypes allow you to articulate IA modifications and elucidate their impact on the user journey, navigation, and functionality. The visualisation provided by diagrams and sketches facilitates…
Illustration of a character with a mobile device that has heatmap indicators on the screen.Product Design
February 5, 2024

Optimising User Experience with Hotjar

We utilised Hotjar's session recording feature (Glassbox and Crazyegg are good alternatives) to observe individual user sessions. This lets us identify recurring patterns and pain points, helping us comprehend the…
A girl with a phone, screen has a question mark.Product Design
January 16, 2024

What will prompt you this year?

As a designer employing a user-centric approach, I've been fortunate to witness AI's profound impact in shaping experience design. AI has become indispensable in delivering exceptional user experiences, from chatbots…
A character with a big smile. Redefining the future of design.Product Design
December 21, 2023

Beyond Centralisation

The Intersection of Web3, AI, and Design: Shaping Tomorrow's Creative Landscape. The fusion of Web3 and AI is redefining the future of design in ways that are as exciting as…
A girl, showing a perfect hand sign.Product Design
December 2, 2023

Design Leadership

What Defines a Lead Designer? A unique set of skills and qualities encompassing adaptability, empathy, collaboration, and a robust user-centric mindset. Diverse perspectives are encouraged within teams, contributing to holistic…
Collection of Pixels - Product Metrics OverviewProduct Design
June 7, 2023

Product Design Metrics

There's no need to be too hard on yourself, metrics can be challenging for everyone. Ensure you comprehensively understand the issue you're trying to solve and the metrics you will…

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