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Client Experian
Sector Financial Services
Role Product Designer 

Our new open banking feature is designed to give users accurate offers and advice based on their spending behaviour, but adoption rates have been lower than expected. Even though it promises to boost users’ chances of getting credit products by highlighting their money management skills, it hasn’t hit the mark.

The goal is to boost the adoption of this feature, helping individuals receive accurate offers and actionable advice to achieve their financial goals. The feature requires users to connect their primary bank account, where their salary is deposited. Recent desktop, observational, and quantitative research has highlighted potential areas for improvement.

To enhance the feature, we aim to understand:
Does the current proposition resonate with users, and why/ why not?
General attitudes and motivations regarding the feature.
Existing spending behaviour (devices, apps, habits).


App feature screens. Boost your affordability by connecting your accounts.
  • Three rounds of unmoderated research
  • One round of moderated research
  • Implemented a continuous user feedback loop
  • Explored user attitudes towards open banking and assessed resonance with the existing proposition
  • Created user journey maps and developed vital personas
  • Reframed the proposition 
  • Addressed high drop-off on the consent screen
  • Enhanced the feature (Boost) experience (onboarding, search, navigation and support)
Illustrated group of users

Helping people achieve their financial goals by providing a wide range of offers, help and support. 

Business Goal
Increase adoption of the Boost feature.
MAU, Conversion rates

User Needs
A better understanding of how their score is calculated and confidence that they are getting the best offers.
Moderated and Unmoderated Interviews 

New and returning customers.
Onboarding & Retention 

2 Product Designers
1 UX Writer
3 FE Developers
2 BE Developers
1 QA
1 PO

Marketplace Task Mapping

When undertaking task mapping, start with user goals—in this case, improving their financial health—to ensure tasks align with what users aim to achieve. Break down each task into smaller steps to avoid overlooking details. Use visual aids like flowcharts to represent the user journey. Regularly update task maps based on user feedback and behaviour data. Continuously refine the map to adapt to changes in user behaviour or app updates.

Engage stakeholders from various teams to ensure a comprehensive perspective. Task mapping is essential for creating practical, user-centric applications, leading to better engagement and satisfaction.

Illustration of a woman with a perfect credit score.
Experian Personas - Mock


ReFramed Proposition

A clear and focused proposition allowed for a greater understanding and adoption of the feature and benefits. The revised proposition was well received and understood (73% of users interviewed 150 participants).

Consent provision screen

The drop-off rate on the consent provision screen was very high. By implementing consistent signposting, using the in-app browser and reducing the time it takes to process the request, we aim to increase visitors’ trust in the experience, reduce the drop-off rate and increase returns.

Further up the funnel

When we introduce the feature after a user has completed their search, users are more focused on receiving an offer than engaging with the feature. We tested introducing the feature higher up the funnel (before the user arrived at the search results page).

Customer Journey Map

Key insights

Individuals who cannot get credit are more aware of open banking. In addition, they are more willing to share their data if there is perceived value in the exchange (getting an offer, financial benefit, accurate advice and step-by-step help).

Of 150 participants surveyed, 88% indicated they are preparing to make a large purchase and are using at least one credit monitoring app.

Customers applying for credit products have multiple goals (monitoring credit, making a large purchase, everyday spending, etc).

Connecting Accounts

The existing user flow takes the user out of the app and into a web browser. The disconnect is causing a high drop-off. We set out to address this by improving the consistency of the experience between web and mobile apps, enhancing the existing flow and building trust in the application/ feature.

Experian user illustration of a man saying, "I love the recommendations that I receive based on my spending behaviour and choices."

Registered interest.

Increase in adoption one month after updates.
Conversion rates

Boost users connect two accounts in the first month.

Registered users connect to Boost in the first month.

Experian User Illustration of a Lady saying, "Being able to track my spending and offers in one app is a game changer!"
Experian Boost: Illustration of a Rocket launching into the sky.