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Commanding an impressive 83% market share in the real estate sector, Rightmove strategically diversified its service portfolio by entering the financial services sector. I joined Rightmove shortly after the Mortgage in Principle Application launch, which was initially only open to First-Time Buyers.

User quotes

Home Movers and Joint Applicants’ needs differ significantly from First-Time Buyers. Each group has distinct pain points, information requirements, and considerations.

User Research: Conducted extensive user interviews and surveys with each user group to gather qualitative and quantitative data.

Persona Development: Created detailed personas and user journey maps for Home Movers and Joint Applicants to understand their motivations, goals, and challenges.

Competitor Analysis: Analysed competitor offerings to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Rightmove Mortgages Application Desktop and Mobile Screens.
  • Proposition testing
  • Enhanced the existing First Time Buyer Journey
  • Expanded the application to include Home Movers
  • Expanded the application to include Joint Applicants

Enhancing the First-Time Buyer Journey
Proposition Testing and Iterative Design Improvements.
Result: Improved completion rates and user satisfaction scores.

Expanding to Include Home Movers and Dual Applicants
Developed user flows for Single and Joint Applicants, addressing their specific needs, such as selling an existing property while purchasing a new one.
Organised content to provide easy access to relevant information and tools, such as mortgage calculators.
Result: Successfully launched the Home Mover and Joint application flow, reducing the high drop-off rate.

Additional Considerations:
Joint income assessment.
Shared documentation, sign and send (smart contracts).
Allow applicants to collaborate and track their applications.

Business Goal
Diversification into Financial Services with a focus on Mortgages.
Average Processing Time, Accepted Applications, Retention Post Diversification 

User Needs
Users need a straightforward, reliable, and quick way to obtain a Mortgage in Principle.
Reduction in Application Time, User Satisfaction, Conversion Rates

Single and joint applicants applying for a new mortgage or porting an existing mortgage.
Onboarding & Retention 

2 Product Designers
3 FE Developers
2 BE Developers
1 QA
1 PO
1 BA

Mortgage Application Website

12 min
Time to complete 

74% Drop-off
Provision Screen

22% Accepts
Completed Accepts

51% Conversion
Screening > Complete

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74% drop-off, what is causing the exodus? 

Heuristics and testing reveal opportunities for improvement.

We updated the First-Time Buyers’ Journey messaging to include home movers and dual applicants. This process eliminated repetition, created a more natural tone, and significantly improved conversion rates.

Additionally, we enhanced the information hierarchy and visual treatment, resolving the distraction issue caused by the dark background on the terms and conditions panel.

Before image: Mortgage in principle entry screen, mobile version.

With a clear indication of what to expect, users feel confident about continuing with the application.

Indicating the time required to complete the application reduces frustration and drop-off rates.

Including the lender’s details on the provision screen significantly boosts confidence in the application.

After image: Mortgage in principle entry screen, mobile version.
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Financial services, particularly mortgage applications, require a high level of trust and confidence from users.

Transparent Communication:
Clearly explain the application process, privacy policies, and data security measures.
User Feedback and Testimonials: Showcase positive user feedback and testimonials to build credibility.
Experience Design: Employ a clean, professional design that conveys reliability and trustworthiness.


Mortgage in Principle Application, Joint Applicants (mobile flow).

Joint Applicants


Revenue Dependence on Acceptance:

We only get paid for successful applications, so coordinating updates with the lender’s API changes required constant communication to avoid mismatches and ensure a higher acceptance rate.

Dynamic Requirements:

The lender’s API updates resulted in evolving requirements, necessitating flexibility and rapid adaptation in our design and development processes.

User Experience Consistency:

Maintaining a smooth and intuitive user experience amidst backend changes was challenging, requiring careful design adjustments and thorough user testing.

Technical Constraints:

Working within the constraints of the existing infrastructure while integrating API enhancements required balancing performance and design integrity.

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Conversion through the form after updates
Mortgage in Principle  

Conversion Outgoings

Conversion Personal Details

Conversion Mortgage Basics

Conversion Employment

  • Rightmove launched the Mortgage in Principle application in 2022. Initially, it was only open to first-time buyers.

  • Actively start driving traffic into the MIP FTB flow. Increase entry points on the FTB journey.

  • Expand the application to include Home Buyers

  • Expand the application to include Dual Applicants.